Guarantee the correct functioning of the PIPER Plant Modeler

The service is constant and is in charge of a team of PIPER engineers, certified by PIPER as specialists in infrastructure and PIPER Plant Modeler support. The scope of this service is limited to managing one PIPER Plant Modeler and five PIPER Plant Modeler interfaces or connectors.

Complete Availability and Speed 24/7 will give you peace of mind to help you with your concerns.

Engineers trained and certified by PIPER, will guide you to get the most out of your Plant Modeler.

With more than 6 years of experience handling incidents, we even know what issues can cause you difficulties.

Connect to new ways of data sources using your PIPER Plant Modeler

    The Support services

    can assist you with deployments in PIPER Business Modeler Vision as well as migration and upgrade in PIPER Business Modeler Data Archive, AF and Vision.


    for your projects using Business Modeler Analytics.

    We organize all

    the elements of your AF in a hierarchical way in a tree ready to model your information.


    and installation of OPC-DA interfaces and interface redundancy.


    in the creation of and in the management of these.


    monitoring of client work areas, reports to improve the use of the Plant Modeler.

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Scope of Support service

Part I

Before starting the support service we will verify that all the elements essential to the Plant Modeler are met, if the customer wants to have a vision complete understanding of the current state of your Plant Modeler, we would recommend performing an Audit with us.

Part II

We will improve the system architecture to meet best practices and performance requirements recommended by AVEVA, service accounts will be created, will install or update the PIPER software, we will perform an optimal configuration of Business Modeler Data Archive and Automatic Backups.

Part II

Training will be given on visualization tools (Enterprise View) in two (02) sessions for eight (08) participants. In this training we will also explain how the support service will be, we will define the frequency of reports and meetings on the performance of this service.

Part IV

To improve the performance of your Plant Modeler, we will perform monitoring with reports; we will be willing to coordinate with third parties (IT: Networks, Communications, PIPER, Process Control, etc.); We will manage incidents, queries and requirements which will be documented after solving them to avoid repetition.

Part V

Management, registration and maintenance of requirements will be carried out, raising information, displays, inventories and weekly, monthly, quarterly reports and annuals of the Business Modeler tools. Therefore, all the documentation and definition of the Scope of this service will be reviewed with the relevant area.

Part VI

We will maintain your hierarchical models, create new tags, deploy from Business Modeler Vision. We will take care of PIPER Plant Modeler updates and manage your Business Modeler infrastructure, interfaces and events.

Requirements for the Support Service

IP Interfaces:

Most interfaces to the Plant Modeler require hardware and third-party software that must be installed and operational before to start the service. Specific requirements will be validated during previous negotiations.


TCP/IP communication must be enabled and operational on all computers that will use the Plant Modeler.

Technical Staff:

The customer's technical staff must be available to provide system support (security, network and security systems) control). In addition, you must provide a configuration station with system administration tools and Microsoft Excel.

Installation Kits:

The customer must purchase the necessary PIPER installation kits before any implementation.

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