PIPER Plant Modeler Infrastructure Implementation Service

Implementation is performed remotely or within the customer's premises, by a PIPER Solutions engineer, certified by PIPER as an PIPER Plant Modeler Infrastructure and Implementation Specialist.

We will implement your Plant Modeler according to the complexity of your projects and users so that it can be used to its maximum capacity.

Engineers trained and certified by PIPER, will guide you to get the most out of your Plant Modeler.

With more than 6 years of experience handling incidents, we even know what issues can cause you difficulties.

Get the most out of your Plant Modeler from day one

    A correct implementation

    of the Plant Modeler to ensure the proper functioning of the Plant Modeler collects, stores and analyzes data, giving us better data management and accuracy.

    A properly installed Plant Modeler

    can help organizations achieve a higher return on investment in your operations, by improving accuracy, visibility and data efficiency.

    Refer to tools

    that are based on the Plant Modeler is the best way to take advantage of it, for what the future solutions that the company requires using its Plant Modeler, you will need the essential elements of this system to be in optimal conditions after being implemented.

    Remember that the Plant Modeler

    it will be your unique system to manage your collected data, it will add context and meaning without the need to use programming codes; This service will allow you to achieve total security in all domains, that you have easy access to visualize your data and a fast integration with analytical tools, business applications and information systems decision support.

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Scope of the Implementation service

Part I

We will configure the Business Modeler Data Archive according to PIPER best practices, which are configure and test your backup, configure and test too automatic file creation, setting parameters and configuring a set of monitoring tags to track the performance of the Business Modeler Data Archive server.

Part II

We will perform the configuration of Business Modeler AF and Business Modeler Notifications and according to the good PIPER practices we must: Configure the backup of the AF database SQL (only when SQL Server Express is installed locally on the server machine AF) and configure and test Business Modeler Notifications.

Part II

Install, configure, and test standard Business Modeler interfaces or Business Modeler connectors to validate communication with the data source, as well as buffering and configure Business Modeler Interface or Business Modeler Connector failover, if corresponds.

Deployment Service Requirements

Before starting the Seployment service

we will verify that all the essential elements are correctly installed: The Business Modeler Server software package, which includes Business Modeler Data Archive, Standalone or High Availability, Business Modeler Collective, Asset Framework (AF) (with notifications, asset analysis and Event Frames) and finally Business Modeler interfaces.


PIPER will provide the hardware and software requirements for each of PIPER Plant Modeler infrastructure components as applicable. A PIPER specialist will confirm that the hardware requirements are met during the preparation stage. So the acquisition node hardware (API Node) and your operating system must be installed and operational before start with the service.

The Asset Framework server

PIPER performs the Business Modeler AF installation based on the proposed and validated architecture with the client, so access to SQL Server (version 2008 or higher, in any of its editions). If there is no SQL server available, it will be installed SQL Express.

Technical staff

Customer technical personnel must be available to provide access to the system during PIPER Plant Modeler implementation, security access, connection and control system. Customer must have a valid account on the support website PIPER technician with permissions to download the required software. This account too it is required to generate the license file for Business Modeler Data Archive.

TCP/IP Communication

TCP/IP communication must be enabled and operational between all PIPER nodes The Plant Modeler and the necessary ports must be open. The data file is communicated through port 5450, Asset Framework communicates through port 5457 and 5459, the Business Modeler Analytics service communicates over port 5463, notifications from Business Modeler communicate through port 5468.


The implementation dates will be mutually agreed after the formal acceptance of the service. The implementation process, from the request until its completion, normally lasts 3 weeks.

Week 1 and 2

Communication of essentials, software request to PIPER. Hardware request, and operating system for Business Modeler Server nodes and Interfaces. Confirmation of implementation dates with PIPER.

Week 3

Implementation on Site or Remote by PIPER (From 4 to 6 days according to the selected option).

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