Production Management and Traceability

From raw material reception to final packaging, Plant Modeler enables meticulous tracking of batches and raw materials, whether packaged or in bulk. It offers detailed traceability, ensuring quality and safety at every stage of blending, processing and packaging. The ability to record and analyze data in real time ensures effective management and instant identification of potential problems in the supply chain.

Optimization in Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) Manufacturing

For consumer-packaged goods manufacturers, Plant Modeler becomes the driving force behind improving equipment uptime, production line efficiency and final product quality. It offers the ability to avoid bottlenecks, improve throughput and maintain consistency, reducing waste and improving quality.

Rigorous Tracking in Oils, Sugar, and Biofuels

The oils, sugar and biofuels industry demand a solution that complies with food safety regulations while comprehensively tracking the origin of products. Plant Modeler collects quality data thoroughly, whether through manual inspections, direct samples from automated equipment or control systems. It also addresses social and environmental challenges by enabling an agile response to fluctuations in raw material prices.

Stringent Control in Bakery, Confectionery, Cereals and Dairy

We facilitate the collection and documentation of quality data, ensuring regulatory compliance and product traceability from origin to final delivery. In addition, it allows the control of allergens and cross-contamination, ensuring quality at every stage of production.

Efficiency in Breweries and Beverages

In the beverage and brewery sector, Plant Modeler optimizes asset management, maximizing reliability and performance in high-volume production. With detailed monitoring, it improves efficiency in processing and packaging, adapting to different types of equipment and levels of instrumentation.