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Through the capture and analysis of information from multiple sources, from in-vehicle sensors to supply chain data, Plant Modeler optimizes decision making and improves every critical aspect of the operation.

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The planning of Scheduled Maintenance (preventive maintenance and general inspections) is a latent problem in transportation and machinery rental companies, since they do not have a process in place

IoT in logistics

The ability to capture data from the physical environment and turn it into valuable information drives safety and automation in freight transportation. Plant Modeler facilitates this transformation, enabling the seamless integration of sensor data into digital databases.

Intelligent fleet management

Real-time monitoring of assets, coupled with predictive analytics, ensures safety and extends vehicle life. Plant Modeler facilitates tracking of analytical metrics, fleet safety and driver details for optimal management.

Operational efficiency

Supply chain optimization and agile operations are key. Plant Modeler maximizes productivity by reducing costs, minimizing maintenance errors and improving management across all logistics sectors, from trucking to tracking international shipments.

Plant Modeler offers you

Real-time tracking, route optimization and proactive incident notifications transform logistics into an adaptive and agile environment. In addition, its focus on preventive maintenance, fuel optimization and fleet tracking results in significant cost reductions and increased efficiency.

Logistics companies can leverage

To the maximum their data modeling for effective decision making and generate detailed reports for all areas. From preventive maintenance to continuous process improvement, Plant Modeler is positioned as the comprehensive solution to boost competitiveness in the changing world of transportation and logistics.