Powering Operational Intelligence

Data is the engine that drives informed decision making. In the oil industry, the ability to collect, analyze and apply real-time information makes the difference between success and stagnation.

planta de Ambatovy ubicado en Madagascar


PERUPETRO S.A. is the State Company of Private Law, which on behalf of the Peruvian State, is in charge of promoting, negotiating, subscribing and supervising contracts for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in Peru.
Campamento minero de Antapaccay


Peruvian state-owned company under private law engaged in the transportation, refining, distribution and marketing of fuels and other petroleum products.

With Plant Modeler

Smart Wells and Digital Fields become inexhaustible sources of information. The combination of measurement technologies and control tools enables accurate interpretation of operating states, facilitating real-time adjustments to maximize efficiency.
  • Increase Productivity: Optimizing equipment and well output.
  • Improve Maintenance: Facilitating scheduled repairs and reducing reactive incidents.
  • Optimize Commercial Operations: Streamlining processes and reducing costs.
  • Expand Production: Maximizing extracted resources.

Towards Proactive Management

The transition to data-driven management is essential to adapt to the volatility of the oil market. Asset connectivity and remote monitoring provide real-time insight into the performance of extractive fields, enabling proactive and strategic decision making.

Plant Modeler: The End-to-End Solution

Providing a real-time data analysis platform, Plant Modeler integrates seamlessly with information gathering and transmission systems. This enables owners and operators to anticipate asset problems, reduce costs and ensure safer environments.

Potential in the Cloud

Cloud integration is critical for efficient data management. Plant Modeler offers a robust infrastructure that enables the collection, storage, modeling, analysis and visualization of information. This cloud solution always enables more informed decisions, driving profitable results and expanding business capabilities; resulting in a competitive advantage in the industry, by adopting this comprehensive solution, you can evolve to a more efficient, secure and adaptable operating model to changing market demands.