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PIPER Downtimes animated logo Logo PIPER Downtimes only words
Automatically generates asset events (detentions) using real-time signals, such as run/stop and other parameters. Including real-time analysis of asset performance, which allows identifying behavioral trends through trend graphs. This prioritizes maintenance orders, reducing production line downtime and, consequently, repair costs.
Downtimes will help you make more informed decisions about corrective and preventive maintenance of your industry's assets.
This APM tool integrates naturally with AVEVA PI system or PIPER's Business Modeler.
It will allow you to schedule maintenance plans based on reliable data and focus on reducing failures and unscheduled downtime.

Features and Upgrades

Downtimes will help you monitor key assets, integrate and historize data, assist with root cause analysis of failures, and users can grant permissions for those who wish to modify event information.
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Lastest Projects

Ambatovy Madagascar


Ambatovy is a major industrial operation mining and refining nickel and cobalt in Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa. At a total project cost of more than US$ 8 billion, Ambatovy is the largest-ever foreign investment in the country...



We are proud to complete the successful implementation of APM (Asset Performance Management) tool Downtimes in the Veladero project of the Canadian company Barrick Gold...

La Cima

Gold Fields

It has the AVEVA PI System tool on the main floor, but its maintenance is still used with Spreadsheets in Excel and manually which is done weekly and even monthly...

Downtimes Borchure

It allows the improvement of decision-making regarding corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance.