Implement the latest versions of PIPER Plant Modeler

The scope of this package is limited to a single site, consisting of 1 Business Modeler server node, up to 5 interface nodes, 1 system administrator node, 3 custom or third-party applications, and up to 5 Business Modeler client stations.

The latest version of Plant Modeler reduces the strain of upgrades and provides a way to keep your Business Modeler server up to date and secure without consuming a lot of resources.

PIPER trained and certified engineers will guide you to get the most out of your Plant Modeler.

With more than 6 years of experience handling incidents, we even know what issues can cause you difficulties.

Get the best version of Plant Modeler

    Access to new features and functionality:

    Software updates bring new features and functionality enhancements, allowing you to get the most out of your system and gain additional benefits.

    Increased stability and performance:

    Performance optimizations can improve your system's stability and accelerate data processing speed.

    Up-to-date technical support:

    When you purchase an upgrade service, you can also get access to up-to-date, expert technical support. This will allow you to resolve any issues or questions you may have more quickly and efficiently.

    Integration with emerging technologies:

    Plant Modeler upgrades usually take into account the latest trends and emerging technologies, allowing you to integrate your system with other devices or systems more effectively.

    Cost optimization:

    Upgrades can include improvements in energy efficiency and resource management, which can help you optimize your long-term operating costs.

    Improved user experience:

    Plant Modeler upgrades take into account user feedback and seek to improve the overall user experience. This may include a more intuitive user interface, simplified workflows, and greater overall ease of use.

    Long-term planning:

    Contracting an upgrade service gives you the opportunity to establish a long-term plan to keep your system up to date on a regular basis. This helps avoid obsolescence issues and keeps you up to date with the latest technologies and market trends.

    Maintaining security:

    Plant Modeler updates usually include security patches and bug fixes, which helps ensure the integrity of your data and protection against cyber threats.

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The upgrade process, from order to completion, normally takes 3 to 4 weeks:

Week 1

Communication of prerequisites. Confirmation of installation date with PIPER.

Week 2

Download the latest version of the software to be upgraded from the PIPER support website.

Week 3

Onsite or remote upgrade by PIPER (4-6 days).

Limitations to upgrade:

Modification of custom applications or third party products, including VBA code in PIPER Business Modeler, is not included in this package.