Implement the latest versions of PIPER Plant Modeler

The scope of this package is limited to a single site, consisting of 1 Business Modeler server node, up to 5 interface nodes, 1 system administrator node, 3 custom or third-party applications, and up to 5 Business Modeler client stations.

The latest version of Plant Modeler reduces the strain of upgrades and provides a way to keep your Business Modeler server up to date and secure without consuming a lot of resources.

PIPER trained and certified engineers will guide you to get the most out of your Plant Modeler.

With more than 6 years of experience handling incidents, we even know what issues can cause you difficulties.

Get the best version of Plant Modeler

    Access to new features and functionality:

    Software updates bring new features and functionality enhancements, allowing you to get the most out of your system and gain additional benefits.

    Increased stability and performance:

    Performance optimizations can improve your system's stability and accelerate data processing speed.

    Up-to-date technical support:

    When you purchase an upgrade service, you can also get access to up-to-date, expert technical support. This will allow you to resolve any issues or questions you may have more quickly and efficiently.

    Integration with emerging technologies:

    Plant Modeler upgrades usually take into account the latest trends and emerging technologies, allowing you to integrate your system with other devices or systems more effectively.

    Cost optimization:

    Upgrades can include improvements in energy efficiency and resource management, which can help you optimize your long-term operating costs.

    Improved user experience:

    Plant Modeler upgrades take into account user feedback and seek to improve the overall user experience. This may include a more intuitive user interface, simplified workflows, and greater overall ease of use.

    Long-term planning:

    Contracting an upgrade service gives you the opportunity to establish a long-term plan to keep your system up to date on a regular basis. This helps avoid obsolescence issues and keeps you up to date with the latest technologies and market trends.

    Maintaining security:

    Plant Modeler updates usually include security patches and bug fixes, which helps ensure the integrity of your data and protection against cyber threats.

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Scope of the Update Service

Part I

Before starting the Upgrade service, the pre-installation requirements list will be checked, such as verification that the hardware and operating system meet the requirements and that a proper IP backup was performed prior to the upgrade.

Part II

The service comprises the latest updates of: Asset Framework (AF) Server, Asset Analytics and PIPER Plant Modeler Explorer. In addition, you have the option to migrate up to 100 legacy notifications (version 1.x) or notification templates to notification rules (version 2.x) during a notification upgrade. So you may require an additional day for verification and creation of additional archive files, if necessary. And perform testing of a client connection (PI SDK and Business Modeler API).

Part III

The installation service will perform an inspection and modification of the Data Archive tuning parameters to comply with Aveva's technical support best practices. In this we will configure the daily backup of your Plant Modeler, review your site backup and recovery procedure and install Business Modeler interfaces for system monitoring.

Part IV

We will proceed to verify and test the Business Modeler Buffer Subsystem on acquisition nodes, inspect interface IO speeds and data flow, install the latest version of the System Management Tools (SMT) on the Data Archive and on a management station. Finally, we will give an overview of PIPER technical support, an introduction to the Plant Modeler and deliver an installation report.

Requirements for the Upgrade Service

Hardware and operating systems of all PIPER Plant Modeler nodes must be installed and operational before starting the service. A PIPER specialist will confirm if they meet the hardware requirements during the preparation stage. So the hardware of the acquisition node (API Node) and its operating system must be installed and functional.

TCP/IP communication must be enabled and operational between all PIPER Plant Modeler nodes and the necessary ports must be open. Data Archive communicates through port 5450, AF communicates through port 5457 and 5459, Business Modeler analysis service communicates through port 5463, Business Modeler notifications communicate through port 5468.

Most Business Modeler interfaces and connectors require third party hardware and software that must be installed and operational. Specific requirements will be validated during the pre-installation checklist review.

The customer must have a valid account on the PIPER technical support website with permissions to download all required software. This account will also be required to generate a license file for the Data File.


The upgrade process, from order to completion, normally takes 3 to 4 weeks:

Week 1

Communication of prerequisites. Confirmation of installation date with PIPER.

Week 2

Download the latest version of the software to be upgraded from the PIPER support website.

Week 3

Onsite or remote upgrade by PIPER (4-6 days).

Limitations to upgrade:

Modification of custom applications or third party products, including VBA code in PIPER Business Modeler, is not included in this package.

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