We install and configure a new PI interface for an existing data file

The main goal is to install and configure a new PI interface for an existing data file. Installation is performed on-site by a qualified engineer accredited by OSISoft® as an AVEVA PI System Infrastructure and Facilities Specialist.

The PI interface installation service will guarantee excellent data collection from different sources.

Engineers trained and certified by OSIsoft®, will guide you to get the most out of your PI System.

With more than 6 years of experience handling incidents, we even know what issues can cause you difficulties.

Get the most out of your PI System from day one

    Spread the load

    of remote access problems, isolating users from the PI Data Archive. Back up and test as a secondary PI Data Archive.

    Using the OPC DA standard

    collect real-time data from OPC Servers, OPC DA is recognized as the most common communication protocol in the field of industrial automation.

    The PI Interface

    can be configured to collect data regardless of the data format (Universal File, Stream Loader, ASCII, etc) in the source file, making it one of our more versatile interfaces.

    Can collect data

    in real time for RDBMS, historical or future of any Relational database management system that support ODBC drivers (eg: Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Informix, etc.)

    For Modbus Ethernet PLC

    Collect real-time data from PLC controllers in the that the Modbus communication protocol is used.

    PI to PI Interface

    PI to PI interface is used to send data in real time, historical or future data from one Data Archive to another. an app Typical of this PI interface is to collect data from various Data Archives at plant level and send them to an Archive centralized corporate data.

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AVEVA PI System Benefits:

The AVEVA PI System collects data, stores large amounts, provides context, meaning, and enhances the raw, running real-time analytics to be important insights into your business, flagging them on key batches and events. It is a product already configured and ready to receive maintenance from us; It has the advantage of being able to integrate quickly with other business solutions, to optimize your production, reduce your maintenance costs, protect your staff from unplanned downtime incidents and improve the efficiency of your operational processes.

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Scope of Service

Part I

We'll configure and do some testing of the buffering, for this we are going to configure up to 5,000 tags, the failover of the PI interface (optional) and we will give the basic description with the AVEVA PI System™ administrator.

Part II

Review of specific PI Tag configuration parameters, we will review technical support resources with OSIsoft. Then we will make an introduction to the AVEVA PI System (time permitting) and we will deliver an installation report.

Administration and Support Requirements

Before starting the interface implementation service

we will verify the configuration and do a test of 1 standard PI interface in a single acquisition node, then we will validate the communication with the data source, to finally install and configure the PI communication libraries.


TCP/IP communication must be enabled and operational between all computers that will use the AVEVA PI System™.

Raw Tags:

The client must provide a digital version of the tag information raw extracted from data source: Tag name, description, zero, interval, engineering units, point type, status and direction information of the control system. The required information will be validated during the review from the pre-installation checklist.

PI Interfaces:

Most PI interfaces require third-party hardware and software that They must be installed and operational before starting with the service. The requirements Specific ones will be validated during the pre-installation discussion.

Time Needed

Implementation dates will be mutually agreed after acceptance service form. The implementation process, from application to Its completion normally takes 2-4 weeks.

Week 1 and 2

Communication of prerequisites, orders for OSIsoft software, hardware of acquisition node and operating systems, and hardware and software control system specific. Confirmation of installation dates with PIPER.

Week 3

Preparation required for the hardware and software required for the installation of the PI Interface.

Week 4

Installation process