Industrial software that manages real-time operational information to improve operational efficiency in your company.
This suite of solutions allows you to collect, store, model, analyze and visualize information from your industrial operations, to manage your industrial plant information and help in decision making.
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Digitizes information from manual processes, plant operations, field inspections, lab data, IPERC, Consumption and much more. It allows to save data in SQL, Business Modeler or PI System, registering them from any device, validating the records through an approval flow and following the traceability of the data.
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Contextualizes operational data coming from assets or processes allowing the representation of digital twins with their functionalities, characteristics and behavior. Easily performs advanced calculations simulating different scenarios.
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Visualize the behavior of your operations through process screens in real time and customized time. Visualize operational indicators (KPIs) using the library of custom controls and configuring the display time. Export your dashboards in PDF, excel format and/or configure the automatic sending of dashboards and screens to different users.
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Downtimes will never interrupt your production again with our APM Downtimes (Asset Performance Management), gives you an overview of your online maintenance indicators. Divide and allocate your downtimes correctly.

PIPER Plant Modeler Services


  • Implementation: Installation and configuration service of a new Plant Modeler infrastructure.

  • Interface: Installation and configuration of a PIPER Interface for data collection.

  • Support: Service that guarantees the correct operation of the Plant Modeler infrastructure.

  • Audit: We will review the installation, configuration and use of Plant Modeler and its components.


  • Upgrade: Deployment of the latest versions of Plant Modeler.


  • Development:Customized solutions of software functions requested by our customers.

  • Reports:Development of process screens for operational monitoring and Dashboards for decision making at different levels of the organization.


AVEVA PI System Services


  • Implementation: Configuration service for a new AVEVA PI System infrastructure.

  • Interface: Installation and configuration of a PI Interface or API Node.

  • Support: Guarantee the correct functioning of the AVEVA PI System infrastructure.

  • Audit: Reviewing the installation, configuration and use of AVEVA PI System and its components.


  • Upgrade: Implement the latest versions of AVEVA PI System.

  • High Availability: Keep your information reliable, available and safe at all times.

New Solutions

  • Development: Costumized solutions for Business Process.

  • Report: An operational dashboard for decision making.


Lastest Projects

PeruPetro refinery


Peruvian state ownership

PERUPETRO S.A. is the State company, on behalf of the Peruvian State and it is responsible for promoting, negotiating, underwriting and monitoring contracts for exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in Peru...
Ambatovy plant located in Madagascar

Ambatovy Madagascar


Ambatovy is a major industrial operation mining and refining nickel and cobalt in Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa. At a total project cost of more than US$ 8 billion, Ambatovy is the largest-ever foreign investment in the country...
Mining camp of Antapaccay



Located at more than 4,000 meters above sea level, this mine produces copper concentrate, which is transported almost 400km to reach the port of Matarani, on the coast of Arequipa, Peru...
Peñasquito open pit mining company



Peñasquito, located about 780 kilometres northwest of Mexico City, produces gold, silver, lead and zinc. There’s an airport on site, and a 1,900-bed camp with full dining, laundry and recreational facilities...
Southern Mining Company's railroad

Ferrocarril Ilo-Toquepala-Cuajone

Southern Copper

The main function of this industrial railway is to maintain the productive units of the deposits in Toquepala, Ilo and Cuajone in a constant operational flow...
Veladero minig camp



Having a fully automated and digitized operations plant is the dream of every mining operation, on its way to mining 4.0, through the total collection of information for subsequent analysis...
Mining camp of Veladero



We are proud to complete the successful implementation of APM (Asset Performance Management) tool Downtimes in the Veladero project of the Canadian company Barrick Gold...
Mining Camp of Gold Fields at night

La Cima

Gold Fields

It has the AVEVA PI System tool on the main floor, but its maintenance is still used with Spreadsheets in Excel and manually which is done weekly and even monthly...


PIPER clients on world map


supervisor with tablet checking a pipeline

Condition Based Maintenance: A healthy practice that increases the reliability of your assets

Monitoring a machine is like maintaining a healthy human body. The different analyzes that can be done on a person help to understand their state of health, even knowing what are the bad habits for the body help us to give an idea about...
engineer overhauling an aircraft engine

Integration and Verification of Data in Manual Entry Tools

Previously, asset information obtained from inspections was fragmented and scattered. In other words, computer systems were complex for each type of variable and had constant requests for changes, which made maintenance processes heavy and limited the budget to analyze their data...
two engineers reviewing a paper in front of a mining mill

Increase in Industrial Productivity thanks to the Assignment of Times

An Asset Performance Maintenance (APM) is a tool that is transforming the idea of industrial maintenance, it helps to give visibility and understand in a simple way the current state of the fundamental assets in a plant...

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