2021 R1 - R2

2022 R1 - R2

2022 R1

You will enjoy an even smoother and more user-friendly experience when interacting with your Dashboards and visualizations. In addition, we have incorporated the option to export your data to Excel and PDF formats, allowing you to share and present your analyses more effectively. In addition, to streamline your processes, we have implemented an automatic emailing feature, which will make it easier for you to distribute scheduled reports and updates to the relevant members of your team.

2022 R2

To improve your navigation experience, we implemented a navigation tree on the left side, now you can explore your data in a more intuitive and efficient way. In addition, the ability to navigate by shifts, days and months has been added, giving you flexible options for viewing and analyzing data at different levels of detail. These navigation updates will allow you to explore your information in a more structured and personalized way.

Custom Tags, shadowing and fill for Processes

The graphics of Processes can be linked to Information Tags to have more correlation with the Dashboard. The colors of the fill and its shading are customizable, to the point that a palette can be applied using the ranges of information from the Tags explained above.

2023 R1

2023 R1

A process mapper has been implemented, allowing you to optimize your workflows visually, identifying areas for improvement. In addition, there are new real-time performance updates that ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience when accessing and analyzing your data.

2023 R2

Making a tool like Enterprise View available to all areas of the organization allows you to take full advantage of the information from the AVEVA PI System or Business Modeler. In addition, the integration of the most important information within your organization is strengthened.

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