Ore Desorption Process Optimization


  • Build a model which provides information necessary to find the Golden Batch within the Ore Desorption Process in order to benchmark it.
  • Difficulty in the process of consistent data gathering and using this data to perform analysis, substitution of the software PI Batch for PI Event Frames.


  • API implementation Modbuse-type nodes that allow direct connection to PLC equipment.
  • Model the operational process of mineral extraction, organizing the information of the mine assets with their respective signals.
  • Perform parameter analysis and parameters to transform data into information.
  • Calculations of indicators of Tonnage and Skips.
  • Organization and visualization of the process assets.


  • Implemetación de modelo del proceso Stripping, utilizando las herramientas de AVEVA PI System para analizar los parámetros de Batchs.
  • Development of analysis and calculations of parameters, Event Frames for monitoring the Batch of consumables and parameters.


  • Improve the ore desorption process efficiency through operational parameters real-time monitoring and visualization, in order to find the Golden Batch.
  • Be able to support operational level changes with historical information.
  • Control the consumables used in each batch and define action plans to optimize the use.
  • Adjust the process in order to replicate any changes in other plants.
  • Migrate the current tool used to track the process (PI Batch) for a new one (Pi Event Frames).g.
  • Consistent data collection..
  • Increase in batch performed from 7 to 13 a day, improving the process efficiency.
  • Better consumable and parameter control in the process execution.
  • Expansion of the solution to other plants.