Automation of Daily Production Reports

Yanacocha has a AVEVA PI System as a support tool in the Management of its plants, in which it integrates and stores information on all the variables from its control systems. Currently they generate the daily report of each plant manually through the use of Excel sheets, where they use information extracted from the AVEVA PI System and additionally perform manual data entry, which comes from equipment that is not yet automated, but which is necessary. for the generation of said report. Once the report is generated in Excel, it is sent by mail, manually by the manager and / or manager to the required persons. In accordance with this business case, Yanacocha Mine requested PIPER Solutions to automate the generation of the daily report of two of its main plants: Goldmill and La Quinua, implementing one of our “Enterprise Forms” products, which allows the creation of of dynamic web forms considering the mixture of data already stored in the AVEVA PI System and manual data.

The main objectives defined for the project:

  • Automate the Daily Report of the La Quinua and Goldmill Plants, including automatic mailing.
  • Implement manual data recording for the two plants which must be stored in PI points.
  • Ability to mix already automated data with manual data in the input forms.
  • Browse between the records made to see and evaluate the evolution of the data in different shifts and days.
  • Visualization of information (manual and automated) in a dynamic way and that allows to improve decision-making.

Benefits and achievements:

  • Reduction of time for the generation of daily reports.
  • Registration of manual information to the AVEVA PI System for the Goldmill and La Quinua Plants, defined and communicated to all personnel.
  • Ability to use manual information registered and stored in PI for other reports and information analysis.
  • Administration and management of forms by Yanacocha.