AVEVA PI System Implementation in Project Shahuindo

PIPER Solutions, Osisoft's main partner, carried out the successful implementation of AVEVA PI System in Pan American Silver Shahuindo project, this implementation allows Shahuindo to capture, store and visualize data of the operation in real time. In this way, Mining Shahuindo continues to support its objective of process optimization and digital transformation.


Our accredited professionals implemented PI Data Archive, PI Asset Framework and PI Vision. As well as the integration of signals with control systems such as ABB and Rockwell through OPC DA interfaces.


In order to support the Shahuindo staff in their goal of maintaining the AVEVA PI System application and developing it within their organization, PIPER specialists conducted a training in AVEVA PI System administration and its components, explaining the basic concepts of AVEVA PI System, Interface management, PI Data Archive management, AVEVA PI System security and monitoring. In this way, the Shahuindo staff is able to configure and implement new future interfaces to the AVEVA PI System, as well as OPC DA interfaces. They can also create models in PI Asset Framework to represent assets, attributes, and perform important metric calculations.


Currently mining Shahuindo generates reports automatically for plant processes and maintenance using different Visualization tools such as PI Datalink, AVEVA PI Processbook and PI Vision. Likewise, it is possible to visualize and monitor the operational process of the plant in real time from any part of the organization and not only from the plant.