Implementation of our tool for the management of Operational Information, "Plant Modeler Suite" in the fleet of Units of the company Transportes Sagitario

Allowing them to carry out a better Operational management of Corrective, Preventive Maintenance and Inspections with the aim of increasing the efficiency and reliability of their services.
The planning of Scheduled Maintenance (preventive maintenance and general inspections) is a problem latent in transport and machinery rental companies, as they do not have an automated process that allows them to perform better management of it, which is why many of its units do not carry out maintenance in a timely, directly affecting the useful life of the unit, that of its components and the service they provide to their customers. Being able to face the occurrence of critical events such as serious accidents, delays in providing services or even losses of components, which translates into an increase in costs. Thus, the company of Transportes sagittarius decided to implement the Plant Modeler Suite, for information management operation of its assets, through the modeling of its business process, with the aim of reducing maintenance corrective measures and increase the percentage of execution on time of scheduled maintenance, through the monitoring of their main management indicators, which in turn allows them to improve the decision-making process.
Plant Modeler Suite, is a solution for managing the operational information of the different business processes , the which begins in the collection of data from the different automated information sources such as information systems. control, DCS, PLCs, relational systems, among others, as well as manual information, which is done using “Enterprise Forms”. Once the information is collected in the Plant Modeler database, which has the capacity to store decades of information, it becomes modeled according to the required business process, using "Business Modeler", with the aim of managing it efficiently and understandable by any user at all levels of the organization, through its “Enterprise View” visualization tool. One of the main challenges of Transportes Sagitario, when implementing the model of its business process, was to include the daily and remote updating of the mileage for each driver, the prediction and planning of Maintenance Scheduled, guaranteeing that your entire work team has updated and quality information in real time, that allows them to carry out better planning and, above all, to carry out timely monitoring of the execution of said plans, which can guarantee the reliability of their units. In turn improve the management of corrective maintenance.
For the business case of Transportes Sagitario, in addition to implementing the Plant Modeler Suite, the solution for the management of assets and critical events of your transport units, called "Downtimes" that also allows you to control the inventory of its spare parts and the useful life of its components. As part of the strategy offered to Transportes Sagitario, we offered the solution running in the cloud and a comprehensive service of support that guarantees the availability of the solution for its correct use. The implementation was done incrementally with the aim of delivering value and functionalities that they can start using and not wait for the end of the project. The first implemented solutions were Enterprise Forms for the registration of manual information through its module mobile application, as well as Business Modeler to model your business process exclusively and finally Downtimes to obtain maintenance indicators in real time that help them improve the services offered to their customers.

Enterprise Forms

With the aim of digitizing the process of collecting information, daily and of the checklist of the general inspections, Enterprise Forms. Forms collects three essential pieces of information daily to the prediction of scheduled maintenance and management of corrective maintenance, these data are the following: current mileage of the units, fuel level and observations, which are entered by drivers through the Forms mobile application using the QR code assigned to each of units, making registration easy and simple.

Business Modeler

With the implementation of Business Modeler, it has been possible to model the business process of Transportes Sagitario, through the registration of the types of units and their units respectively, which include information on their main indicators that allow them to better carry out the planning and monitoring of their operational management. For example, in the case of the mileage of the units, the user can visualize the trend of the use of the unit in real time, as well as the fuel level.
...we offered the solution running in the cloud and a comprehensive support service that guarantees its availability for correct useto


With the implementation of Downtimes, Transportes Sagitario manages preventive maintenance and/or general inspections, by making the prediction of the next maintenance and allowing to make a planning and allocation in a more effective and efficient way. Additionally, Downtimes, helps in the management of corrective maintenance, for a correct assignment of materials and proper management of the components of its units, allowing the useful life of the components to be estimated. themselves. Downtimes will allow the user to monitor Maintenance management indicators, such as: Availability, Time Between Failures, Time To Repair, and Top Ten Unit and Component Failures Through Identification of failure modes, in real time, to improve decision-making and the service offered by Transport Sagittarius to their clients.

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