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The Peñasquito mine, located in Zacatecas, Mexico, is located in the Mexican Geosyncline, characterized by Jurassic and Cretaceous marine sediments. Jurassic and Cretaceous marine sediments. Reserves include 15.69Moz of gold, 911.8Moz of silver, 2.63Mt of lead and 2.63Mt of silver, 2.63Mt of lead and 6.3Mt of zinc. The mine processes the oxidized ore by heap leaching and the sulfide ore by crushing, milling, grinding and ore by crushing, milling and flotation. Infrastructure includes a power supply agreement with InterGen power supply agreement with InterGen, water from a deposit 6 km away and a zero discharge tailings impoundment. zero discharge tailings impoundment.

The mine moves more than 500,000 tons of ore per day and employs 5,000 workers.

Ore extraction is carried out in facilities that process oxide and sulfide ores, with an average respective recovery of 66%.
In 2013, the mine produced 2.67Moz of gold, and technological innovations, such as autonomous drilling equipment.
The autonomous platforms have achieved a 30% improvement in accuracy, which translates into savings in operating and maintenance costs.


  • Implement a hierarchical model in PI AF for the four WWTPs and one WWTP, replacing the manual entry forms.
  • Create historical tags for detailed tracking of water treatment plant data.
  • Develop forms in Enterprise Forms for the water treatment plants, wells and the PTAR.
  • Verify connectivity between PI AF and Enterprise Forms for smooth data transfer.
tablet mockup with PIPER Downtimes Reports

Creation of AF Model and Forms for Newmont Peñasquito Water Purification Plants

A hierarchical model was implemented in PI AF for the four Water Treatment Plants and one WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant), replacing manual data entry forms. Enterprise Forms were developed to simplify data entry, ensuring smooth data transfer.

Structure of the hierarchical model

We create a base with all the elements that make up the required hierarchy, facilitating the transition from printed formats to an integrated digital structure.