Implementation of Piper Enterprise Forms in the Lindero Project

Mansfield – Lindero project Argentina
Having a fully automated and digitized operations plant is the dream of every mining operation, on its way to mining 4.0, through the total collection of information for subsequent analysis, which contributes to improving the decision-making process, the productivity and effectiveness of your operation. Thus, the Lindero project in Mansfield has implemented the use of Enterprise Forms, with the aim of digitizing the manual information of all its production processes in the plant, and correlating it with the information that is currently stored from its automated processes. Among the main requirements that Enterprise Forms has met, is to allow users from the different operational areas to easily create their own forms, which allows them to decentralize the registration of information in shifts and also perform it remotely for the processes that require it, through the use of the Mobile application that you have. The forms are organized depending on the specific area or process and their access is restricted through user profiles, users can share and maintain the forms. Additionally, it has a workflow for the registration and validation of information. In this way, the data is stored directly in the AVEVA PI System Tags or in the Enterprise Forms database, in order to integrate the data from the mining operation using PI AF and thus represent operational models, maintenance, metallurgy, among others to finally be reported through the use of displays and dashboards of the operation using Enterprise View.


The Forms created to digitize the manual information of the different processes of the plant are the following:
  • Shredding Form: Availability and Use.
  • High Pressure Grinding Roller (HPGR) Form: P80, moisture, availability.
  • Agglomeration Form: Humidity, availability, use.
  • Stacking Form Stacking: Recovery, availability, utilization.
  • Truck Stacking Form: Tonnage, Recovery.
  • Leaching Form: OLeaching Au Ounces, Au Law PLS Solution, CN PLS Solution, pH PLS Solution.
  • ADR Form: Desorbed Au Ounces, Pressure, Voltage, Temperature.
  • SART Form: Copper Precipitate.
  • Smelting Form: Molten Au Ounces.
  • Budget Form: Primary, Secondary Crushing, HPGR, Agglomeration, Stacker Stacking, Primary and Secondary Stacking, Total Stacking, Leaching, SART Plant and ADR Plant.
De esta manera los datos son almacenados directamente en Tags de AVEVA PI System o en la base de datos de Enterprise Forms

The Budget is stored in Enterprise Forms through massive uploads so that it can later be used in operational models and consumed by other applications. Enterprise Forms has allowed Mansfield to have its "Production Reports" by guards, daily, monthly, quarterly, annually and in real time through the use of Enterprise View, which can be viewed by Operations Management and easily shared. with other user groups. Likewise, having Budget information from its different processes, fully digitized, has allowed them to have comparative reports that help them control deviations and take relevant actions. For a later stage, it is considered to include the digitization of the production reconciliation process and the use of other Enterprise Forms functionalities such as the QR code for rapid data collection, Digital Signature and image storage for field records.

Danny Sánchez

TI-OT & PIPER Project Manager. AVEVA PI System Infrastructure and Installation Specialist accredited by OSIsoft