PI Cloud Connect Implementation


  • Asset Model for data transfer.
  • Real-time process variables data transfer from Kallpa to another partner in order to get custom insights about the plant performance.
  • Generation of an optimized maintenance schedule, identify the best time to clear turbines, predict and optimize the lifetime of the filters based on the analysis of turbine and filter variables performed by a specialized partner.


  • PI Variables validation needed by the strategic partner to perform analysis.
  • Asset model creation using PI Asset Framework and custom templates for turbines and filters..
  • PI Cloud Connect installation in a node.
  • Asset Model publishing through PI Cloud Connect.
With PI Cloud Connect, data exchange between the AVEVA PI Systems from Kallpa and the strategic partner is performed securely in real time through internet. PI Cloud Connect secures and manages communication between both infrastructures.


  • Real-time data flow between two AVEVA PI Systems, Kallpa and the strategic partner.
  • Now the partner has all the information needed to perform specialized analysis and bring new operational an maintenance insights for the energy plant.


  • Data, metadata and Asset structure transfer simultaneous and uninterrupted between the two corporation's AVEVA PI Systems.
  • Scalable and reliable connection, based in Microsoft Azure™.
  • Data exchange performed securely without using Virtual Private Networks (VPN).
  • Consistent information gathering.
  • Publisher-Subscriber architecture, which allows Kallpa to develop and share new Asset models with the strategic partner.