Digitization Project for industrial Railway Tracks Inspections

The main function of this industrial railway is to maintain the productive units of the deposits in Toquepala, Ilo and Cuajone in a constant operational flow; flow that begins in the mine, continues through the concentrator, the smelter, the refinery and finally the south dock of the port. With a length of more than 186 km of main line, 257 km of route, with 5 tunnels, one of them the longest in South America. His organization is made up of 4 work areas: Locomotives and Equipment, Wagon Repairs, Track Maintenance and Train Operations. It transports concentrates, fuels, sulfuric acid and various materials, using locomotives, dump wagons, platforms, gondola wagons, warehouse wagons, closed and open hopper wagons, various types of tanks, sulfuric acid tanks, lookout wagons and auto-wagons.

Enterprise Forms

The proposal for the client's requirement for track supervision, is the Enterprise Forms solution, it will use the AVEVA PI System 'Asset Framework' module to build the required forms, which has benefits of using templates, 'enumerations sets' for specific lists and especially the security issue with which the AVEVA PI System works. Therefore, all the forms must include the information for the inspection mode that provides the possibility of configuring the enumaration; maintainable list that can be modified by users and will give chances to choose between the types of forms:
  • Inspection Record Form, the attributes to consider are the following: date and time of the inspection, part, failure and criticality information will be maintainable lists through enumeration set configuration and will be related to each other. It is the client's responsibility to deliver said related tables. Additionally, the km information must be stored. from where the failure was recorded (according to the GPS location), as well as comments.
  • Form for Road Maintenance, this form will be based on the inspection code generated, in order to be able to record information on the date and time of said inspection, date and time start and end of maintenance, maintenance status, type of delay, materials used and quantities, as well as comments.
...all the forms must include the information for the inspection mode that provides the possibility of configuring the enumaration

Process Flow and Interaction between Web Application and Mobile Application

  • Record of inspections (form): The process flow starts in this activity that is performed by the "inspector" profile. The inspection will automatically record the status "Registered".
  • Validation and qualification of inspections (system option): It is done by the supervisor profile. List of inspections with "Registered" status, after being validated and qualified, it changes to the "Validated" status. The criticality can be changed by the supervisor.
  • Assignment of Inspections to Maintainers (option): It is done by the Supervisor profile. List of inspections with "Validated" status, after they are assigned it must go to "In Training" status.
  • Maintenance inspection (form): It is done by the "maintainers" profile. List of inspections with status "In Treatment". The Maintainer must update if it is still “in process” or “Finished”.
  • Maintenance inspection validation (option): It is done by the Supervisor profile. List of inspections with "Completed" status, after validating the materials and quantities used, the inspection will move to "Closed" status.

Dashboard general:

The company wanted to have a tool that, in addition to entering information about its inspections, also monitor all the sections of its railway in real time, so it opted for a Dashboard on the complete route of this industrial railway that shows in an orderly and Friendly all kinds of criteria on the state of the tracks, their characteristics, curved track, straight track, etc. All in contrasting colors on the map, with icons that are quick to read and intuitive for those who use the solution. An interactive process flow that is available for your Web and Mobile application.