Automation of the Pipeline Inspection Process

Antamina, has a Mineral Pipeline of more than 300 km, which transports the mineral from the mine to the port of shipment for its due export. There are 4 valve stations that control the pressure and speed of the concentrates, to which constant maintenance is provided through Inspections, this process is currently carried out manually in the field with the use of printed formats. In accordance with this business case, Minera Antamina requested PIPER Solutions to automate the Mine Pipeline inspection process by implementing “Enterprise Forms”, which allows the creation of dynamic web forms.

Main Goals

  • Automate the Mine Pipeline Inspections, which will include the approval process by the Supervisor.
  • Ability to perform the inspection record in the field from a mobile device and disconnected from the Antamina network.
  • Ability to verify registered information and track actions and records by users.
  • Visualization of information in a dynamic way and that allows to improve decision-making.
As part of the project, the Installation of Enterprise Forms was carried out and the implementation and configuration of ten web forms for the different stations was carried out. The respective configuration was carried out through the generation of a hierarchical model in PI AF, to allow the management and maintenance of the forms, the entry of the information levels and the required attributes, taking advantage of the AF functionalities. The information flow identified and considered is that the operators are responsible for recording data through tablets. Once in the field after registering the information, he sent the data, for the beginning of the validation process, where the supervisor is responsible until the closing of the inspection. An important point to keep in mind for this project is that the forms must be available in areas without connection to the business network.

Benefits and Achievements:

  • Reduction of the time for the generation and storage of the information of the inspections.
  • Ability to reuse said process for other types of manual information registration aligned with the objectives of digital transformation within the company.