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The Ambatovy project, plays a crucial role in global nickel and cobalt worldwide production. Two-thirds of the world's primary nickel ore is utilized in stainless steel and is increasingly important in electric vehicle production due to its use in heavy-duty batteries. The project has attracted substantial investment, totaling $8 billion, making it the largest foreign investment in Madagascar and one of the biggest in sub-Saharan Africa.

Situated 80km east of Antananarivo, Ambatovy encompasses two vast lateritic nickel deposits.

Constituting one of the world's largest reserves, spanning approximately 1600 hectares.
The project has atracted 8 Billion USD of investment in Madagascar
2014 Ambatovy achieved its first commercial production in 2014 and has exceeded its annual projections

The tailings management adheres to international standards

And the port and rail upgrades indicate strategic planning for efficient export and import operations. Overall, Ambatovy's commitment to compliance, safety, and environmental responsibility positions it as a noteworthy player in the global mining industry.
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Optimizing Efficiency at the Ambatovy Nickel Mine in Madagascar with

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The inherent complexity of nickel mining requires precise management of every aspect of the process, from mining to production. Downtimes, a leading real-time data management platform. By integrating data from sensors, equipment and systems across the entire value chain, Downtimes provides unprecedented visibility into asset operational health and critical events in real time. Continuous process monitoring through Downtimes has not only improved early detection of potential problems, but also enabled faster and more accurate response to unexpected events. This proactive approach has led to significant reductions in downtime and increased operational reliability.