Implementation of Downtimes for Plant Event Management at Gold Fields La Cima Mine

It has the AVEVA PI System tool on the main floor, but its maintenance is still used with Spreadsheets in Excel and manually which is done weekly and even monthly. It is here where it is proposed to implement Downtimes to manage your critical events, automatically generating real-time indicators. Downtimes is a web application developed by Piper based on the best practices of the areas of Maintenance and developed under the architecture of PI Evet Frames and PI Web Api of AVEVA PI System, allows to establish a correct allocation of stopping times for events according to the responsible area, in order to carry out a correct calculation of KPIs (MTTR, MTBF, usage, availability, among others).


  • The management of Events and stops that we offer works directly with the PI AF, and with the Event Frame module that the AVEVA PI System already brings, in order to automatically generate the stop events of the equipment, using the run signal. / stop or other signal required by the user, for the case of according to the clarification of the queries it is required to add the current signal.
  • The management of arrests will be carried out by Line identifying the team or teams that caused the arrest. Likewise, the indicators will be generated taking into account said management by Line.
  • In the event and shutdown management module, the information registration process is carried out for events such as types of failures and specific reasons, as well as the registration of the entire time distribution chain among those responsible for the event for a better calculation of indicators. Generation of Indicators for Maintenance automatically such as Availability, Usage, MTTR, MTBF, Top ten of failures, Top ten of Equipment, among others. In the case of, the following reports will be included: Top Ten Failure Modes, Pareto Diagram, Dashboard of KPIs by thread, month and year, Availability, Utilization, operational efficiency, MTTR, MTBF, MTBS by date range.
Historical storage of all information on assets and their events in order to generate root cause analysis, and improve both predictive and corrective maintenance action plans. It will also have an option to record the maintainable lists that the system will use, such as types of imputation, failure modes, systems, and components. It will use profiles for access according to the different roles among which are maintenance user, operations user and administrator, for which the validation of registered events must also be included, said flow must be confirmed by the client and will be used so that once the fiscal closing of the month occurs, it can no longer allow modifications.

Sobre la aplicación

  • The application will have an option that will be used by the administrator profile for user management, to enter the application this must be done through the AD user that it has.
  • The application has a record of the Maintenance calendar and the calculations of indicators will be calculated taking into account said calendar.
  • The application will have a Log Management option, where all the actions of the different users of the application will be stored for an audit trail.