Engineer inspecting inner a industrial plant

Condition Based Maintenance: A healthy practice that increases the useful life of your assets.

Monitoring a machine is like maintaining a healthy human body. The different analyzes that can be done on a person to understand their state of health, even knowing what are the bad habits for the body help us give an idea about the cause of their current state, for example, not eating properly, no exercising or not making regular visits to the doctor; so we can say that a person can get sick or already is. For a machine it happens the same way, if you do not have a diagnostic plan and a deep analysis of the information based on all the information collected to verify its status, we can assume that this equipment can collapse at any time. Monitoring, analyzing and interpreting the signals that a team gives us is the key to maintaining the reliability, availability and life of the equipment, if we can perform better scheduled inspections, we can reduce the risk of catastrophic failures and avoid downtime, costs of maintenance and a colossal number of parts to acquire that were not programmed.

Condition Based Diagnosis and Maintenance

Seeing the complete panorama, if the information of the equipment that comes from instrumentation and programmed inspections, are analyzed together and at the moment in which said data is obtained, results are obtained that help to verify the status of the equipment components that present any anomaly or observation in their optimal operating parameters. To have an early warning system that indicates that a team needs an intervention and on what component, unlike preventive maintenance that only identifies failures after joint analysis of the results obtained from a scheduled inspection with sensory data, a process that which can take hours of hours; If we use technologies that optimize analysis and that can tell us in real time that there is a problem and part of its severity to carry out an inspection (maintenance based on conditions), For example, if we detect contamination in the lubricant, then we look for the specific causes and the component which is failing, all based on the diagnosis and analysis of the information.
industrial plant with 3D effect

Why we should do the condition-based maintenance?

It allows saving maintenance costs, lengthening the life time of the equipment, increasing availability and maximizing KPI's. Because if the machine has an unforeseen failure, production stops, reliability goes down, and there may be secondary damage or safety or even environmental issues, repair and labor costs would be very high.

The first step, a good digital transformation

The CBM is a maintenance technique based on the analysis and diagnosis of conditions, it uses sensors and data to understand the situation of the equipment, and tells us when it is necessary to repair or replace it. The industries are currently coupling new interconnectivity technologies in these sensors of their assets, thus the state of the machine is achieved digitally; This interconnectivity trend is known as Industry 4.0; a solution that is helping with many complex needs in today's industry, although it does not mean that this is a magic formula for all processes in the company, it simply cannot interconnect the assets of a plant and generate value immediately. A poorly implemented digital transformation becomes a burden for workers and hinders the process instead of optimizing it; The new industrial software to provide huge amounts of information requires a team of experts to implement and analyze it. We cannot take this process as a widget that can be installed today to solve all your problems tomorrow.
Industry 4.0; a solution that is helping with many complex needs in today's industry
Finding a maintenance solutions provider to work with you on your precise integration needs will require ongoing updates and support, but the payoff will be measurable for many years to come. At Piper Solutions we can help you obtain a general, targeted and reliable view of the status of your equipment in operation in real time. Asset Portal, is our CBM tool with which you can analyze data that will get the most out of inspections, increase the useful life of your equipment and maximize your KPI's.