Properties & Usability

1. Real-time Reporting and Data Management Features:


The generation of real-time interactive reports from AVEVA PI System or Business Modeler allows industries such as mining, hydrocarbons, and electric power to access critical data for timely decision-making. These reports are also useful in water treatment to monitor water quality and in the food industry to manage production and the supply chain.


The ability to generate identical dashboards from a pre-made model can be beneficial in all industries to standardize reports and simplify data analysis, such as in transportation fleet management or process tracking in the metalworking industry.

2. Group Collaboration and Time Filters:


Allows you to share dashboards and collaborate between groups, which can be useful in all industries mentioned to improve communication and collaboration between teams in real time.

Group Collaboration:

It is not necessary to share one-on-one, you can collaborate between groups to cooperate with each other on your Dashboard designs. With this functionality, you can access from the browser between the sections of the taskbar, which gives you the possibility to share a specific user list or a group list.

Time Configuration:

Allows advanced customization of the date filter, which can be beneficial in the electric power industry to analyze energy demand at different times of the day and in the water treatment industry to monitor water quality over time.

3. Customization:

Chart Alignment and Connecting Elements:

This feature helps organize dashboards within Enterprise View, which can be useful in construction to monitor project progress, in transportation to manage the vehicle fleet, and in the metalworking industry to control manufacturing processes.

Custom Labeling and Color Fill for Processes:

The ability to link process charts to information tags and customize fill and shading colors is beneficial in big data management in sectors such as mining, hydrocarbons, and water treatment to analyze processes and improve operational efficiency.

4. User Interface:

Dark Mode:

This feature helps reduce eye strain, which can be beneficial for those who work long hours in front of screens in industries such as construction, transportation, and metalworking where constant monitoring is essential.

New Navigation Tree:

Makes it easier to configure and manage dashboards, which can be useful in all industries mentioned for better organization and access to critical information.

New Thumbnail Options:

Makes it easier to configure and manage dashboards, which can be useful in the food and beverage industry to monitor production and in the transportation industry to manage logistics.


This section provides a comprehensive collection of figures and symbols that are essential for crafting detailed dashboards of systems and flows, effectively representing assets, processes, and equipment utilized across diverse industries. These visual elements not only enhance dashboard aesthetics but also facilitate a precise visual representation of infrastructure and operational processes. The versatility of this section lies in its ability to adapt to different contexts and specific needs of each industry, making it effortless to create highly informative and easy-to-understand dashboards for users. Examples include ASHRAE Controls and Equipment, ASHRAE Ducts, ASHRAE Pipes, Air Conditioning, Architectural, Arrows, Basic Shapes, Fans, Boilers, Buildings, Chemical, Computer Hardware, Computer Keys, Containers, Controllers, Conveyors (Belt, Miscellaneous, and Simple), Dust, Electrical, Finish, Flexible Tubing, Flow Meters, Food, General Manufacturing, HVAC, Heating, ISA Symbols (3-D), Industrial Miscellaneous, International Symbols, Laboratory, Logistics, Machining, Maps and Flags, Material Handling, Medical, Military, Mining, Miscellaneous Pipes, Miscellaneous Symbols 1 and 2, Mixers, Motors, Nature, Networks, Nuclear, Operator Interface, Panels, People, Pipes, Plant Facilities, Power, Process Heating, Pulp and Paper, Pumps, Renewable Energy, Safety, Scales, Segmented Pipes, Sensors, Tank Cutouts, Tanks, Valves, Vehicles, Water and Wastewater, and Wires and Cables. By incorporating these shapes and symbols, dashboards gain enhanced aesthetic appeal, facilitate an accurate visual representation of infrastructure and processes, improve user comprehension, and simplify the creation of informative dashboards.

Updates in a Timeline


  • Dynamic construction of Dashboards.
  • Dashboard management (create, edit, delete, share), labels, folders.
  • Navigation between time ranges.
  • Dark mode.
  • Spreadsheet control/widget.


  • Process layout.
  • Performance improvements (real time).
  • Navigation trees (left side).
  • You can navigate by shifts, days, months.


  • Process layout.
  • Performance improvements (real time).
  • li>Dynamic connection management.(AVEVA PI System, Enterprise Forms, Business Modeler or ODBC).
  • More controls will be added (Histograms, tables, etc).